4 Pasos para tu Seguridad en Facebook

Después de haber deshabilitado mi cuenta (Ver entrada anterior) , Facebook me respondió a mi appeal favorablemente y me la re-estableció.

Interesante la respuesta que me enviaron.  La transcribo parcial, tal cual:

Our systems indicate that your Facebook account has been compromised by cybercriminals attempting to impersonate you. These criminals often will try to trick your friends into sending them money by claiming that you are stuck in a far away location and in need of assistance. It is possible that your email account was compromised as well, as obtaining access to a victim’s email is one of the primary ways these cybercriminals have been operating. Please take the following steps to ensure the security of your Facebook account going forward:

1. Select a new, unique password for any email address associated with your account, making sure to avoid using the same password for any account.

2. Verify that you control all of the email addresses associated with your account on the Contact Email section at:


3. If you have not done so already, please add a security question to your account from the Account Settings page.

4. Visit the following page for more information about Facebook security and how to report suspicious material:


Finally, if you think you have been victimized by fraud, you can report this to Western Union’s fraud hotline by calling 1-800-448-1492.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

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